Warranty Policy


30-day Free-risk Guarantee

We provide 30-day free-risk guarantee after you purchased the product. It is available to get the free service in the first 30 days if you have any issues on the products. No hassle to have the great warranty service.

1-year Limited Warranty

  • The limited warranty applies for a period of 1 year from the date of original purchase.
  • The order confirmation showing the purchase date is proof of your purchase date. Your purchase website or Arzopa authorized distributor may require you to show proof of purchase as a condition of accepting warranty service.
  • Any loss or damage caused by improper use, installation, misuse, negligence, modification, unauthorized third-party changes, improper environment or other violations of regulations, the product or service warranty will not be extended. If the product fails during proper use during the warranty period, Arzopa reserves the right to replace the defective part of the product or the product itself with new or refurbished replacement parts.
  • Arzopa does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of this product. The warranty only covers faults or malfunctions that occur under normal use conditions during the warranty period, as well as any defects in materials or workmanship

In the following cases, the warranty will not cover the following damages:

  1. Damage to this product caused by you or any unauthorized third party;
  2. Damage caused by accidents, natural disasters, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, negligence or improper maintenance, or abnormal conditions of use;
  3. The damage is caused by an external fault or any accident;
  4. The damage is caused by the use of parts not manufactured or sold by Arzopa;
  5. Normal wear and tear of equipment
  6. Unavailable order information. Purchased from ARZOPA official unauthorized stores or platforms

Seek technical support

When you use product functionality,

  • Please read the user manual first and use this product only in accordance with the instructions in the user manual; • Please keep the original packaging. During transportation, the original packaging will provide better protection for this product;
  • If you encounter problems while using Arzopa products, before sending the service for repair, it is recommended that you consult the user manual first, or contact us for answers.


Extended warranty service

Please refer to Extended Warranty