Q. Why won't my screen turn on?

A. ARZOPA Portable Monitor does not support charging, you need to power it when you use it.

Q. My monitor won't power on

A. Check if the monitor and your device are in the ON mode;Make sure the cable is properly connected; Connect with another available 
device or cable to check.If still goes into same problem, please contact after-sales sevice center.

Q. Power is On, but no image appears on screen

A. Make sure the video cable connecting the monitor to the computer is properly and securely connected. Adjust the brightness 
and contrast settings. Make sure the correct input source is selected.

Q. Why do I have to plug in two cords if I don’t have a USB-C port on my laptop?

A. The USB-C to USB-C cord is strong enough to communicate power and graphics through one cord . If you can’t use the USB-C
 to USB-C cord you will have to use the HDMI to HDMI cord along with the USB-A to USB-C cord so that it can communicate power 
through one cord and graphics on the other.

Q. Why does my screen show no signal and enter power saving mode?

A. First, please check if the cable is correctly connected between the display and your device; Second, trying plug and unplug the 
cables; Next, if connected with HDMI cable, please ensure supply extra power supply for the monitor.

Q. Why does the monitor make a current sound or rustling noise?

A. Please confirm where the noise is coming from. If it is the noise from the connection, please re-plug the interface or replace 
with a new cable. If it is the sound from the adapter or the speaker, it is the quality of the power adapter, please contact us.

Q. The scree flickers

A. Please check if the connection is loose, if there is no problem with the connection, it may be due to insufficient power supply, 
please connect the adapter and use it again, or try to change a new connecting cable and device for connection.If still doesn't 
work, it is recommended to contact after-sales sevice center.

Q. The monitor has a lot of color screen flicker

A. Long press the power button to turn on and off the machine once

Q. Why is my screen copying after connecting, not expanding?

A. This requires you to set it up on your computer Please click Windows+P

Q. How do I change my monitor resolution

A. Please set the resolution of our monitor in the display settings on the laptop. If you have an xbox, Playstation or Switch connected, 
please pay attention to their maximum output refresh rate.